Technical Overview

Since 1997, e-Racing Motorsports, LLC has been producing the original and patented axial flow electric supercharger. They have installed the e-RAM and Super e-RAM electric superchargers on 4 cylinder engines through V8 engines, and have made many test runs on chassis dynos (Dynojet 248e) to verify the successful results from installation. Gains are generally an average increase of 4-6%, with the largest HP gains reaching 15HP in some portions of the RPM range. Unlike some aftermarket filters, and filters with intake tubes that claim to reduce enough intake restriction to give up to 10 HP, the e-RAM Electric Supercharger is a true "Forced-Air System" and a proven way to actually pressurize the intake for gains over and above that of any and all other engine modifications. Since ambient air-pressure is roughly 14.7 PSI (rough estimate.. varies upon weather conditions), and the e-RAM produces an additional 1 PSI, that equates to close to a 7% increase in air density. It is this increase in air density paired with the increase in fuel delivery which provides the 5% HP gains throughout the RPM range.

The e-RAM draws 57 Amps from a car battery in the "pre-charged state at 13.88V, resulting in a total power draw of 791 WATTS.

When activated, the e-RAM spools up to 25,300 RPM in less than 1/10th of a second, and tries to flow 1000 CFM into your intake. It is the differential of what the e-RAM is trying to flow, VS. what your engine is trying to take in that ends up generating the positive pressure in your intake. For example, a 5.0 Liter motor draws close to 450 CFM when at redline and at full throttle, so even on a 5.0L V8, the e-RAM is trying to flow over double what the engine is able to take in. This is why the e-RAM provides 1 PSI of boost through the entire RPM range of all engines 5.0L and under.

The e-RAM works well with all fuel injected engines up to 5.0 liters. There is no need for concern relating to the additional HP and stress on your engine, as it is a mild increase of 5% (roughly 5hp per 100hp of current motor output). We even have installations on high compression engines, as well as engines with over 200,000 miles on them with no problems. No modifications are needed (other than how you decide to put the e-RAM on your intake), as the e-RAM works by providing more air to the intake only when you hit full throttle, your car's computer will notice the additional air-flow, and compensate with more fuel to keep the air-fuel ratio correct.

More air + more fuel = more power.

The e-RAM will not adversely effect your electrical system, as it is only activated when your gas pedal hits the floor (short duration operation). Driving at freeway speeds will not require you to floor the gas pedal, so the e-RAM will not be activated unless you floor it. All other times, the e-RAM is just waiting in "ready" mode for you to punch the accelerator.

The E-Ram has been designed as a relatively inexpensive way to get mild 5% hp gains with a true bolt-on device that requires no modification of your engine, intake, ECU or fuel system. We also made sure it required no maintenance, and would be as simple as an intake tube to install.

The e-RAM provides 5% HP gains on top of all other modifications you have made, or will make to your engine. In short, because the e-RAM just provides additional air-pressure to your intake, whatever future modifications you make to your engine to increase HP, the e-RAM will add HP on top of that.

The e-RAM comes with everything you need to mount to your engine-bay (fully assembled e-RAM unit, complete wiring harness, and directions). When mounting the e-RAM to your vehicle, you just follow the simple 5 step procedure:

1) Mount the e-RAM to the intake 2) Attach the provided micro-switch to your throttle-linkage to activate at full-throttle 3) Attach 2 wires directly to your battery 4) Plug in the "one-way" power lead plug into the e-RAM unit 5) Clean up and secure the wiring in the engine bay DONE!

e-RAM Mounting configurations:

e-RAM (Base Model)
For mounting directly to the intake of a stock air-box that still has the flat air-filter inside. This pressurizes the air-box and everything downstream in the intake.

e-RAM-INLINE (Adapter tubes on both sides)
For mounting in place of a section of intake tube (either between the Mass-Flow Sensor and the Throttle-Body, or as a replacement of a section of "cold-air" intake)

e-RAM-FILTER (e-RAM with integral high-flow cone filter)
For mounting as a replacement to an entire stock air-box assembly or as a replacement to an existing cone filter that would normally reside on the end of an aftermarket intake tube.

The mounting adapters on all e-RAMs can expand and contract to allow for mounting to any intake tube from 2.5" diameter to 3.7" diameter.

The e-RAM gives a HP increase that is similar to removing 175 pounds of weight from your car. The e-RAM is designed for low duty cycle use and therefore is on only when you are at full throttle. (A small micro switch on the accelerator linkage or gas pedal, routes battery power to the fan unit.) Current draw is equal to that of a high performance stereo, or with the case of the "Super e-RAM" is equal to the current draw from your starter motor. This is no problem for a healthy battery, since the e-RAM is only typically activated for a few seconds at a time. On the racetrack at Laguna Seca, it is typically on for 30 seconds of 1:50 second lap. At Sears Point, a more technical track, it was on much less, running for 20 seconds during a 2:00 lap. On the track for testing, it was tough to run it for more than 7 or 8 seconds at a time. The e-RAM is a proven, cost effective way to increase HP. At under $300 dollars, it is a bargain compared with other means of "Bolt on HP".

Finally, unlike any other manufacturer of "bolt-on" performance additions, we GUARANTEE you will see AT LEAST a 4% increase in horsepower by adding the e-RAM on your intake or we will give you your money back!*

Found recently through dyno testing... regarding late model vehicles that use Mass-Air-Flow (MAF) Sensors for air-flow feedback to the car's computer: LATE MODEL FORDS, AUDIS, & MAZDAS WITH MAF UNITS REQUIRE THE e-RAM-INLINE BE MOUNTED BETWEEN THE MASS-FLOW SENSOR AND THE THROTTLE-BODY for best results.

**All other makes of vehicles allow for the mounting of the e-RAM in any location regardless of ECU and air-sensor type.