Toyota MR2 Turbo
I received my e-Ram last week and installed it this weekend.  There has been a noticable low-end power increase.  I use a turbo boost controller depending on my driving mood, On for kicking-butt or off for normal "stock" mode.  When it's off, I usually show a boost level of 5 or 6 PSI. When it's on and I'm set to 1.0 bar I show 14-15PSI.  After installing the e-Ram and running with the boost controller off, I'm registering 9PSI.  With the controller on and set at 1 bar I register 20PSI.  The really cool thing about this is that I'm not increasing my EGT's (exhaust gas temp).  Usually at 19PSI I reach close to 900c.  Now I'm reaching high boost, lower EGT's and more power. It's almost like I've upgraded my intercooler! (I'm still running a stock I/C too!)   

Class Racer in Jakarta - 1995 BMW M3
Just want to let you know that the e-RAM that we are using has reduced our lap time by about 3 seconds per lap. In the near future we are planning to install second e-RAM on the car.

Toyota Corolla 1.6L (VVTi engine with Super e-RAM)
I'm using 2 E-erams on my 1.6 vvti Corolla . Without tuning the power gains were almost non existent but after tuning with Greddy EMANAGE its like a mini turbo . Great Product."

Chevy Baretta 3.1L V6
This a good buy if you just want a little more kick and a mod that is safe for your bone stock engine. I had done some testing from 0-60 mph. I made five test runs and averaged them out to a gain of .3 seconds. My overall average beforehand was 8.2 seconds. My new average is 7.9 seconds. This was done using a G-tech performance meter."

1997 Dodge Dakota
I couldn't wait to try it out on the G-Tech...so.....

I only made four runs down the road (ssshhhh....that's illegal I hear) with two of them being without the "Super eRam" hooked up and the other two without.  The first two runs were without the Super eRam so there's some extra heat involved on the 3rd and 4th runs.  Here's what I got:

Averaged HP with out Super eRam: 138
Averaged HP with Super eRam: 160

That's a 22HP difference!!  (Or in mathematical terms: 13.75%)

Worth the money...Oh yes.

Nissan 240sx
"......... As far as "is it worth it?" that depends on you, it's not much to spend on an after market part but I think it was worth it. Installation: pretty easy, it clipped right onto my 2.5" adapter from my existing Weapon-R filter. the unit fit's where the stock air box used to be, wiring is easy and is included, the activation switch is mounted on the throttle thingy (I don't know what it's called) so the contact switch only comes on under full throttle. Performance: the engine rev's much quicker in neutral, 1st & 2nd gear acceleration is greatly improved over 3000 rpm 4th gear feels like 3rd & 5th like 4th, Sound: awesome! coast in 2nd gear then floor it, as soon as the E-Ram kicks in the sound changes to that of race car, heads will turn!. As far as current draw I have a stock engine with 300 watt amp, Hella fog lights that are always on and I listen to music real loud, at night you may notice your lights dim about 10% but you only see it if you are looking for it.

Porsche 1984 911 Carrera
This new eRAM electric supercharger is without a doubt, the most effective, most affordable, easy to install add-on performance enhancer available on the market today!  The horsepower increases were incredible considering the eRAM
is the most simple installation imaginable!  I witnessed not only the awesome dyno results, but also seconds off my track times.  And this was with my stock air filter in place.  I'm sure I have further improvement once I replaced the stock air filter with the K/N filter eRACING provided me.  I was sold the minute I saw the dyno results and have been a believer ever since.  The technology is so simple!  My 911 was starving for air at full power, and eRAM has given me the hp to stay with the big boys on the straights.  The guys at eRACING went out of their way to assist me with information and installation tips.  I'm no mechanic, but this product was easy to install myself.
Scot Graham