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Akamoto Performance
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Ferrari Driving Experience
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Junior Ferrari Driving Experiences

Ferrari 360 with Dual 2

Perhaps you know a car mad youngster who isn't old enough to hold a driving licence, but is a minimum of 4'10" high? We are the only Supercar Driving Experience day company to offer youngsters the opportunity to actually drive an automatic Ferrari 360 Modena with dual controls! With an experienced female Instructor in the passenger seat, our Junior driver will pilot the Ferrari around our specially designed course at Elvington Airfield, and be presented with a Certificate of Ferrari Driving Experience at the end! 10/15 Minutes driving the Ferrari 360 Modena around a purpose built coned out circuit. The course is adapted dependant on the age of the child. And all for £99.

Ferrari Driving Experience for Youngsters
10/15 Minutes driving the Ferrari 360 Modena around a coned out circuit
Certificate of Ferrari Driving Experience

Junior Driving Experience Dates
Please note that our Junior Driving Experience dates differ from the main event dates listed above. The junior experience dates are as below:

Below is a list of the confirmed event dates and locations.

Elvington, York

  • Sunday 18th July 2010
  • Monday 19th July 2010
  • Thursday 12th August 2010
  • Friday 13th August 2010
  • Sunday 26th September 2010
  • Monday 27th September 2010
  • Sunday 24th October 2010
  • Monday 25th October 2010
  • Tuesday 26th October 2010
  • Saturday 13th November 2010
  • Sunday 14th November 2010
  • Tuesday 28th September 2010
  • Monday 15th November 2010

Prodrive, Kenilworth, Warwickshire

  • Friday 6th August 2010
  • Saturday 7th August 2010
  • Saturday 18th September 2010
  • Sunday 19th September 2010
  • Friday 1st October 2010
  • Saturday 2nd October 2010
  • Friday 5th November 2010
  • Saturday 6th November 2010

Chobham, Surrey

  • Friday 30th July 2010
  • Saturday 31st July 2010
  • Sunday 1st August 2010
  • Friday 27th August 2010
  • Saturday 28th August 2010
  • Sunday 29th August 2010
  • Saturday 11th September 2010
  • Sunday 12th September 2010
  • Saturday 16th October 2010
  • Sunday 17th October 2010
  • Saturday 20th November 2010
  • Sunday 21st November 2010


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