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:: Lightest direct replacement discs on the market
:: Direct replacement discs without any modification
:: Enhanced cooling Rotor Disc design
:: Increased friction improving stopping power
:: Rotor Discs are available for pretty much all road cars and most 4x4s and LCVs
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Rotor Discs are direct replacement for original discs without any modification. They feature:

  • The Rotor Disc design also reduces the weight of the discs making them the lightest direct replacement discs on the market reducing the weight by approx 10%.Reducing unsprung rotational weight which in turn improves acceleration and reduces Gyroscopic effect improving handling.(The same idea behind Alloy and Magnesium Wheels). Example: Audi TT a saving of 1.36kg on the front discs alone.
  • 16 grooves giving increased friction improving stopping power and allowing hot gasses to escape whilst stopping the disc and pads from glazing over, keeping stopping power throughout the life of the discs.
  • Enhanced cooling due to the Rotor Disc design encouraging air flow through the disc.
  • Rotor Discs have been designed to be gentle on pads whilst maintaining stopping power.
  • Rotor Discs are available for all road cars and most 4x4s and LCVs.
  • Unichrome Zinc plated to help prevent rust on upswept surface.

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