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Akamoto Performance
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We get a lot of products through our door from suppliers hoping we will stock it. We have had about 4 other electric superchargers for review and out of the lot the Powerful ETS Electric Supercharger is miles ahead of the game, full stop, bar none!

ETS Electric Supercharger
- £129.95
More Information
Click for a larger image ETS Electric Supercharger
ETS Electric Supercharger DV
- £169.95
More Information
Click for a larger image ETS Electric Supercharger DV
Gen3 Electric Supercharger
- £179.95
More Information
Click for a larger image Gen3 Electric Supercharger
Gen3 Electric Supercharger DV
- £229.95
More Information
Click for a larger image Gen3 Electric Supercharger DV

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How the Electric Superchargers work:

At full throttle, the ETS & Generation 3 Superchargers automatically activate to produce a boost equivalent to 2 psi additional air-pressure to the engine intake. This additional air-pressure results in greater air density reaching the engine. The mild level of boost from the ETS & Generation systems is measured by the engine management sensors (MAS or MAF) and the engines ECU increases the delivery of fuel to keep the air-fuel ratio at optimum performance levels.


Each electric supercharger kit includes:

  • 1 ETS Supercharger unit with high-flow stainless cone filter attached,
    (The Generation 3 comes with Performance carbon ram induction system)
  • 1 High Pressure Hose clips (T Bolt)
  • 1 Extra universal rubber adapter
  • 1 Intake ring
  • 1 flexi cold air ram pipe (Generation 3 only)
  • 1 Self assembly wiring harness complete with connectors
  • Nos style micro-switch
  • Step-by-step product installation guide with diagram.

The Electric Superchargers are the UK produced and original systems, with over 8 years of experience in producing the best value for money available.

Selection Guide
all of our Electric superchargers and be fitted to ANY COMBUSTION ENGINE and all our kits come complete with adaptor rings and step by step easy fitting instructions.

The ETS Superchargers will easily fit to any car by replacing the stock air box. All systems come with a high performance Air filter which will improve performance alone over a manufacturers air filter.

DV electrical superchargers kits are designed and suited to turbo applications to release pre boost pressure from the intake and therefore increasing performance.

DV Systems can be fitted to non turbo cars, please note the valves will work to release any pressure from the intake but very little or no sound will be heard.
The Generation 3 System come with a carbon enclosure and RAM pipe to support maximum air flow to the electric supercharger and to the intake manifold. There is not another electric supercharger system or electric turbo kit than offer this setup on the market.

V6 & V8 Engines
If you are lucky enough to have x2 intakes on your engine commonly found on V6 and V8 engines then you can mount x2 electric superchargers to your engine, placing one on each intake. This offers SERIOUS increase in air flow and therefore outstanding performance.

ETS & Generation Specifications

  • The ETS & Generation 3 Superchargers have a internal shaft speed of 25000 rpm generating massive amounts of air (in excess of 1000 CFM)
  • Bhp gains are typically to 10% within the power band
  • Improve your 0-60mph / 60-100mph, and quarter-mile times!
  • A clean, efficient and powerful way to generate Great Bhp increases on any internal combustion engine, (the systems are fully universal)

The Dump Valve (DV systems)
The ETS & Generation systems can be pre fitted with a dump valve (blow off valve) if required. the dump valve is a modified valve unique to AKAMOTO, it was designed for turbo applications and the Generation 3 on turbo engines the DV will generate a mild release and more importantly release any pre boost pressure from your intake and from the spooling of your mechanical turbo.

On a NA (non turbo engines) the valve will operate and will vent any pressures from your intake but do bear in mind they will not generate a release sound on Normal aspirated engines (non turbo).

After repeated requests from the ETS & Generation customers, both the ETS & Generation systems now can be purchased with the dump valve pre fitted to your system.

Cheap Imitations
Ebay is crawling with cheap electrical supercharger imitations, ranging as low as $40. We would like make it clear that these are nothing but glorified hair dryers using cheap components such as PC fans and offer NO performance increase whatsoever.

In our years of experience we have found only 3 electrical superchargers that can actually increase performance on a noticeable and measureable level.
Pound for pound the ETS and Generation 3 electric superchargers win hands down, offering more airflow and power than rival companies and at a lower price.

Old Literature

ETS Electric Supercharger with all accessories (Base unit with universal adapter tube for 2.5" to 3.5" Dia. intake, complete wiring harness with connectors, power relay unit, and activation micro-switch) complete directions included.

Attaches directly to a stock air-box with its own internal filter

ETS Electric Supercharger with High Flow Cone filter, all accessories (mounting hardware with tube for 2.5" to 3.5" Dia. intake, wiring harness with connectors, power relay unit, accelerator activation switch, and complete directions.)

ETS Electric Supercharger with adapters for both the intake and thrust ends for in-line mounting, all accessories (mounting hardware with 2 tubes for 2.5" to 3.5" Dia. intake and thrust sides, wiring harness with connectors, power relay unit, and ctivation micro-switch).  Includes complete directions.

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