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Universal exhaust flames kit which suits all petrol cars. Best results achieved on petrol engines above 1.4L. Please note exhaust flamers kits will not work on diesel engines.





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Flaming exhaust kits otherwise known as exhaust flamers are available from us but we must stress that these car flamer kits are for off road and show use only and should not be used on the public roads or highways.

Single Exhaust - Flamer System
- 39.95
More Information
Click for a larger image Single Exhaust - Flamer System
Dual Exhaust - Flamer System
- 44.95
More Information
Click for a larger image Dual Exhaust - Flamer System

Complete Parts List:

  • Exhaust Flame Control Module
  • Exhaust Flame Spark Unit
  • Activation Button
  • 16 Ga. Wire
  • Various Wire Connectors
  • Detailed Instructions with Wiring Diagram
Exhaust Flamer Flaming Exhaust Exhaust Flames
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The Exhaust Flame Kits

Compatible with virtually any vehicle with a single / Twin muffler or tailpipe. Our exclusive Exhaust Flamer kits feature many specialized parts that other Exhaust Flames kits just can't match.

How does the exhaust flames kit work?

When you activate the system using the push button switch, the control module will allow the vehicles ignition system to be momentarily interrupted. Unburnt fuel is then allowed to pass through the vehicles exhaust system. When this fuel hits the spark plug(s) mounted in the exhaust tail pipe, flames are created.

Operating Instructions

  • Allow the car to warm up
  • Put the vehicles gear into neutral / park
  • Rev and hold the engine approx 5,000 rpm
  • Press and hold the push switch down
  • The engine should momentarily cut out and the exhaust will produce flames
  • Different RPM levels will alter the overall flame output size.

How do I install the exhaust flames kit and how long does it take?
A complete installation can be completed start to finish in as little as one hour. No major tools or expensive tuning equipment are necessary to install the exhaust flamer kits. You will be connecting wires to your vehicle and mounting a few components.

Do I have control over the exhaust flames?
All exhaust flames kits come with a push button-activated control module. As with any performance part, common sense is important. Be sure that you know what's behind you before activating the exhaust flames and remember that the kits are intended for off-road use only.

Will this exhaust flames kit be compatible with my vehicle?
There are hundreds of satisfied customers with cars, trucks, motorcycles, and SUVs. Our compatibility range is very high due to the fact that we provide highly detailed instructions with graphics to help you along the way. Our kits are compatible with just about all vehicle and motor types Except Diesel Vehicles. In most cases, catalytic converter removal is not necessary.

My car has a catalytic converter, does this matter?
If a catalytic converter is installed on your vehicle to burn off excess fuel before it leaves the exhaust system, this may reduce the size of the exhaust flames because exhaust flame throwers rely on un burnt fuel. If you are looking to significantly improve or boost your exhaust flames, you can remove the converter (check local ordinances) or wait for its effectiveness to diminish.

Will I need to buy anything else to make my exhaust flame kit work?
12v Ignition coils (with primary power wire) are needed for installation and are not included with these kits. These can be purchased easily and inexpensively at almost any auto parts retail stores. (Halfords etc)

The Flaming Exhaust Dual Exhaust Flame Thrower Kit is compatible on vehicles with a single muffler or tailpipe. If you have two mufflers/tailpipes with dual outlets you may want to get two Dual Exhaust Flame Thrower Kits (if you want 4 flames.) The FlamingExhaust.com Dual Exhaust Flame Thrower Kit will be capable of producing up to 2 flames. For straight pipes one Dual Exhaust Kit will be sufficient. The Dual Exhaust Kit features two Flaming Exhaust Spark Units which can be easily mounted into your exhaust pipe


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