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Nitrous oxide kits and systems for all different makes and types of cars including, petrol, EFI, Carburetted, Diesel, V6 & V8 Engines. All our systems are complete kits with everything needed for a full nitrous oxide installation.





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UNIVERSAL EFI Wet Nitrous System
- 549.00
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Click for a larger image UNIVERSAL EFI Wet Nitrous System
PRIMO EFI Wet Nitrous System
- 649.00
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Click for a larger image PRIMO EFI Wet Nitrous System
TRIPLE THREAT EFI Wet Nitrous System
- 749.00
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Click for a larger image TRIPLE THREAT EFI Wet Nitrous System
V8 EFI Wet Nitrous System
- 585.00
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Click for a larger image V8 EFI Wet Nitrous System
Universal Purge Kit
- 209.00
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Click for a larger image Universal Purge Kit
Dummy Purge Kit
- 309.00
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Click for a larger image Dummy Purge Kit
10lb "Wet Green" Hi-Flo Bottle
- 259.00
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Click for a larger image 10lb "Wet Green" Hi-Flo Bottle
10lb "Wet Black" Hi-Flo Bottle
- 259.00
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Click for a larger image 10lb "Wet Black" Hi-Flo Bottle
Dual Billet Bottle Bracket
- 349.00
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Click for a larger image Dual Billet Bottle Bracket
Single Billet Bottle Bracket
- 259.00
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Click for a larger image Single Billet Bottle Bracket
Liquid Filled Bottle Gauge
- 69.95
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Click for a larger image Liquid Filled Bottle Gauge

That thes products can take upto 2 weeks to be delivered if the item is not in stock .

Universal Nitrous Oxide Systems - NY - TREX

*Increase your horse power by 25 - 350bhp Compatible with 95% of All cars - EFI, carb, turbo, V6 & V8 Engine configurations
* Nitrous oxide is the ultimate power performance modification money can buy.
*You will be asked to state your car make and engine at the checkout to ensure you the right system.

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Nitrous Oxide Systems - Nos Kits

These kits have been designed for easy self installation and are universally adaptable for all 4, 5 and 6 cylinder electronic fuel injected vehicles. This means the kits will fit on your basic Nova or Fiesta right the way through to your modern day Audi A6 for example. All the kits have been designed to work as a single shot / single horsepower gain on wide open throttle. Alternatively you can also opt to introduce more power gradually through a progressive controller which will put less shock on the transmission allowing for smoother launches. All our solenoids have been extensively re-machined on all sealing surfaces for extended life and the coils redesigned for minimum current draw to optimize their reliability and longevity when used with a progressive controller, for this reason all the solenoids featured with these kits come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Universal EFI Nitrous Kit for 4/5/6 Cylinder Cars

Akamoto kits are the most complete in the industry, Bar-none! With every component needed to complete the install. Kits include:

  • Jets for 35, 50 and 75hp
  • Powder coated Hi-Flo bottle with chrome valve
  • Quick Clamp stainless bottle brackets
  • Hot Shot Pulsing Solenoids (<3amp draw at 175hp)
  • Injection nozzle & adapter flows up to 350hp of nitrous
  • 15A WOT micro switch
  • arming switch
  • Zinc plated mounting brackets
  • Stainless braided lines with Teflon inner core
  • Hi amp relay with complete wiring and connectors
  • Hardware: hoses, clamps, fittings, mounting screws, bolts, drill bit, tap for fittings, Teflon pipe sealant, zip ties
  • Complete step-by-step instructions with illustrations for the novice, pro quick guid

Triple-Threat Systems

This system combines all 3 valve functions: Purge, N2O, Fuel in one easy to install component. The Triple-Threat™ is a precision machined billet body with 3 integral solenoid valves with Volt-Trap coils for a dependable, clean, all-in-one nitrous system.
Exclusive Triple-Threat™ systems have been thoroughly dyno-tested on numerous vehicles to ensures the most safe and reliable performance possible.

Complete Systems Include:

  • Triple-Threat™ 3-valve system, purge, N2O, fuel
  • 10lb Hi-Flo Bottle - Mean Green or Wet Black
  • Chrome 660 Hi-Flo valve with gauge port
  • Ny-Trex Liquid Filled Bottle Gauge, 0-1500 psi
  • 18' braided stainless N2O feed line w/-4 blue ends
  • 20" -3 braided stainless nozzle lines - 2 blue, 1 red
  • Purge system
  • Purge button, fittings, lines
  • T-Rex Nozzle
  • Adjustable HP jetting
  • 15A WOT micro switch
  • Quick-Clamp bottle brackets
  • Mount hardware, brackets, bolts, screws, clamps, ties
  • Electrical components, wire connectors, relays, switches
  • Drill & tap, fittings, sealant
  • Fuel pressure safety switch, 33 psi

Special Features

  • Exclusive T-Rex Nozzle with true blend spray bowl delivers a swirl cone plume at 70° angle to center the throttle body for an even blend. Flows up to 300+HP yet works great delivering only 35HP.
  • Chrome Plated 660 Hi-Flo bottle valve with integrated gauge port always reads bottle pressure.
  • Solenoid valves are made with Volt-Trap coils for stronger, more efficient power, allows for larger orifice, more flow and works with as few as 9 volts.
  • Plungers are made of high grade stainless with greater tolerances to prevent sticking. The N2O seal is Teflon and a special Viton seal is used for fuel.
  • Dual Taper Jets provide a consistent flow of nitrous and fuel and come in a large array of sizes.
  • Easy install components such as well nuts to install bottle topside, drill bit and tap for fuel connection, Teflon sealant and easy install Quick-Guide.

How nitrous oxide works in a car

Below we explain some of the features and benefits of running nitrous oxide on your car. Hopefully, these will be useful for those considering a nitrous installation, or just wanting to know what’s up.

There are many different philosophies and opinions regarding the proper nitrous system. Please e-mail if you have positive question or suggestion that could improve safety or contribute to quality and performance.

It is a colourless, odourless gas composed of two (2) nitrogen atoms bonded to one (1) oxygen atom. The scientific abbreviation for nitrogen is N, and O for oxygen. The proper abbreviation for one nitrous oxide molecule is N2O. This where the familiar phrase “N-2-O” comes from.

Nitrous Oxide is an oxidizer that is used as a carrier for oxygen. Mixed with the right ratios of fuel, and fed into the intake, it provides additional combustible material into the cylinders, creating more power. There are many ways to get the nitrous and fuel into the engine, the following describes typical applications that have proven successful.

The Basics

The nitrous is compressed to high pressure (900-1100psi) in a tank, in liquid form. From the tank (typically fastened down tightly in your trunk), a hose runs up to the engine bay. From there, an electrically controlled (like, by a button you push) valve called a solenoid is used to release the nitrous into the motor when you request it. At the same time, a fuel line in a "wet system," is controlled by another solenoid, and releases fuel into the motor. This provides the basic mechanism for the nitrous system.

Wet Kits vs – Dry Kits

A "wet system" is a nitrous system that mixes both nitrous and fuel, and feeds it (in a "Spray") into the intake. A "dry system" only feeds nitrous into the intake, and tricks the existing fuel system to add the fuel. As mentioned, there are several ways to feed the nitrous and fuel into your motor. Here are brief descriptions of them.

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