Advantages of Nitrous Oxide Systems Kent Camshafts

Using nitrous oxide systems on street cars is becoming more and more popular by the day since modifiers are realising that Nitrous Oxide can safely be injected into their engine to produce power gains without damaging the cars engine. One of the loved features of nitrous oxide is its huge power gains with low cost. No other modification can touch Nitrous Oxide in this manner, here are some examples of serious modifications that you can do to your car in order to get big gains, Turbo Charging, Super Charging, Fast Road Cams, Throttle Bodies. Any of these will cost you a absolute fortune, especially turbo charging if your car is not already fitted with a turbo. The beauty of Nitrous is that it can beat all of these modifications hands down and provide up to 4 times the power of a turbo charger if not more.


A Decent Nitrous Oxide System can cost from around £500 but will easily provide you with a extra 200bhp, that’s more than most cars have to begin with, now imagine that on top of your stock engines standard BHP.


Nitrous Systems are pretty low maintenance and do not need regular assistance or any replacement parts in order to keep them running and performing apart from the obvious refilling of the nitrous oxide bottle.


Here are some advantages of using nitrous oxide to consider.


  • Nitrous Oxide can cost from £15 to £25 to fill you bottle, depending on its capacity which compared to thousands paid for a turbo conversion is unbeatable


  • Nitrous Oxide has the same effect as a turbo which is giving us masses of power by forcing additional air and fuel into the engine, turbos can not be deactivated and waste petrol around everyday driving, a nitrous system is disarmed and the fuel efficiency is returned back to the manufactures specification.


  • Most big mods such as turbos, road cams etc need to be carefully fitted by a trained mechanic and is not a job for the novice. Nitrous can be installed by most people with a basic engine knowledge easily in a matter of hours. Again saving us further money.


  • No other modification can match Nitrous Oxide in its power gains.


  • Nitrous Oxide will not damage your car or engine if it is installed and used correctly.


  • Refills are very cheap considering the amount of power you are going to gain compared to other modifications.


  • Chicks love it when they know you got NOS !

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