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Use the Links below to learn more about the E-ram and which is most suited for your car .  

e-RAM Electric Supercharger with adapters for both the intake and thrust ends for in-line mounting, all accessories (mounting hardware with 2 tubes for 2.5" to 3.5" Dia. intake and thrust sides, wiring harness with connectors, power relay unit, and activation micro-switch).  Includes complete directions.

Installation, inline with intake tube, anywhere on the intake system


e-RAM Electric Supercharger with High Flow Cone filter, all accessories (mounting hardware with tube for 2.5" to 3.5" Dia. intake, wiring harness with connectors, power relay unit, accelerator activation switch, and complete directions.)

Attaches directly to end of an intake tube, inside stock air box to replace stock filter, replacing entire stock air-box assembly, or mounted directly to an air flow metering device (AFM only).  Note: we recommend e-RAM-INLINE for MAF equipped engines.

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How the e-RAM Supercharger works: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO DEMONSTRATION !
At full throttle, the e-RAM automatically activates to produce 1 psi additional air-pressure to the engine intake. This additional air-pressure results in greater air density reaching the engine. The mild level of boost from the e-RAM is measured by the engine management sensors, and the car's computer increases the delivery of fuel to keep the air-fuel ratio at optimum levels.

Super E-Ram Specifications

  • THE SUPER E-RAM is two e-RAMs mounted in series. Total max output is 1582 watts, 114 amps. This configuration still produces 3.5 lbs. of thrust at 1000cfm, but increases the total pressure output to 1.7 PSI (losses due to axial-flow design account for the total pressure being under 2.0 PSI).
  • IMMEDIATE and FULL 1.7psi BOOST AT ANY ENGINE RPM! - 0 TO 25,300 RPM in 1/10th SECOND (activated by an NOS-type switch at Wide-Open Throttle). Why Wide-Open Throttle only?
  • SAFE FOR YOUR ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: High current for short duration is drawn directly from your battery, not your alternator. Just like your starter motor.
  • DOES NOT RESTRICT YOUR INTAKE when not in operation (air-flow through 3.5" dia. e-RAM is equal to a 3 inch diameter intake tube). *Flow-bench tested.
  • EASY TO INSTALL IN MINUTES! Like its little brother, the Super e-RAM comes pre-assembled and pre-wired for activation by a single throttle switch (provided), ready for mounting, with easy-to-follow instructions and picture examples.
  • WORKS ON ANY ENGINE up to 5.0 liters! *see selection guide for your car*
  • DYNO PROVEN AND TESTED by independent organizations
  • Horsepower gains are dependent upon your car's fuel delivery system's ability to deliver the appropriate amount of fuel to match the additional volume of air provided by the Super e-RAM. Some cars may require the purchase of an aftermarket adjustable fuel pressure regulator to realize these gains*
Improve your 0-60mph / 60-100mph, and quarter-mile times! customer testimonials

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