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Welcome To Akamoto Nitrous Systems

We are the providers of Nitrous Oxide kits for cars and bikes. Akamoto's main product of interest is our superior Nitrous Oxide Systems, which can not be rivalled in either styling or quality in this country. We have spent much time researching to develop our Nitrous Oxide Systems to their current standard to ensure our clients that they will always get a more than satisfactory result and we always aim to exceed your expectations with amazing power increases from our nitrous kits. During our research we have found that a Nitrous Oxide System not only needs to be a top performance modification but it also needs to look the part under the bonnet and in your boot, and Akamoto Nitrous Systems are confident you will agree that our nitrous kits designs and performance are the best. If you are looking for a large and reliable power increase then Akamoto nitrous systems will be the perfect solution for your car or bike tuning project.

How does nitrous make power ?

Akamoto Nitrous Oxide systems additional gains for your car or bike by injecting a measured amount of nitrous oxide into the engines combustion chambers. We can add nitrous oxide either by the cars air intake or by the branch manifold (direct port). Nitrous oxide is sprayed into the engine with a additional supply of fuel either by a additional nozzle supplied with the nitrous systems or by the cars current fuel injectors. When we want to create more power we need to burn more fuel, to burn more fuel we need more oxygen. Nitrous oxide is 2 parts oxygen which allows us to burn all this extra fuel for the more power. Nitrous oxide is also made up of 1 part nitrogen. This helps maintain safe temperature levels when combusting all of this extra fuel and air and is the reason we do not inject raw oxygen by itself.

How do Nitrous Oxide kits work ?

Starting at the boot we have a bottle of nitrous oxide mounted in here on a bracket that holds the bottle at a angle of where the nitrous will be able to be used most efficiently ensuring all the nitrous oxide gets used and there is no waste. From here we have a aircraft quality stainless steel braided hose running from the bottle to the cars engine bay where it connect to a nitrous solenoid valve. The valve is electronically operated and wired to a micro switch placed on the throttle lever and a activation switch mounted on the dashboard. When the system is activated by the driver and the foot is pressed to the floor the nitrous oxide solenoid will open the valve and allow a spray of nitrous oxide to enter the cars engine. The cars engine must also be provided extra fuel to burn to create the extra power. This is usally injected along side the nitrous oxide using the same method but with a fuel solenoid that is fed from the cars current fuel supply line. This type of system is called a “Wet” system because we spraying extra fuel along with the nitrous oxide. A “Dry” system does not use a fuel solenoid as extra fuel is added via the cars own injectors.

The amount of power you can gained from nitrous oxide is unlimited, gains from 10 upto 250 bhp can be obtained from one of our single basic systems and can be upgraded to exeed this power time and time again. To adjust the power of our nitrous oxide system all we need to do is change the jets located in the solenoids. This is a very simple task and very inexpensive.